Friday, May 20, 2011

Legislature Resurrects Old Failed Ideas

Connecticut’s legislature has far too much time until Midnight on June 8th to continue killing jobs in our state. That is when the Connecticut General Assembly adjourns the session for 2011.

Now that the bogus budget was passed with no Republican votes and plenty of smoke and mirrors the Democratic majority legislative leadership has turned their sights on every idea that has failed in the last several years.

Let me share with you some of the legislative ideas burning the midnight oil at the State Capitol in Hartford:

Transgender Rights
Decriminalization of Marijuana
Mandate Employers Provide Paid Sick Leave – requested by the unions
Captive Audience Meetings – requested by the unions
Repeal of the Death Penalty
Provide In-State (discounted) Tuition for Illegal Aliens

Dozens of other pending bills will mandate businesses in Connecticut must spend more money to comply with new state laws. That translates into fewer new jobs created.

Dozens of pending bills mandate local government to provide new programs and services without providing state funding. That translates into higher local property taxes.

The faster the closing bell rings at the State Capitol the better. Somebody bolt the Capitol doors shut until next year so the Democratic majority leadership and the Governor can’t call the legislature into special session and create more wreckage for Connecticut.