Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Governor’s Budget Misfire

The Connecticut legislature just heard Governor Malloy’s budget address where once again he stated, “we are open for business.” The problem with that statement is state government is the only entity surviving the governor’s budget while Connecticut residents and businesses get clobbered by a record tax increase.

“Job creation drives this budget,” said Malloy but the problem is the rhetoric does not match the reality. Politicians in Connecticut must pull their heads out of the sand and recognize that our state is now the least-friendly place to conduct business. Governor Malloy’s budget is extending the deep freeze on Connecticut’s economy.

I am busy studying the details of the budget document but here are some highlights:

Malloy proposes spending MORE next year than this year

Malloy is increasing taxes while neighboring states are holding the line or reducing taxes

The Malloy budget does not reflect a concerted effort to reduce the size and cost of state government

The budget assumes $2 billion in concessions from state employees that must be NEGOTIATED with state employees

Where is the shared sacrifice, Governor Malloy? State government in Connecticut is chugging along while our residents and businesses are struggling.

Governor Malloy misfired with his first budget. Connecticut deserves a responsible budget. This budget proposal is a disaster for Connecticut’s taxpayers and businesses.