Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Connecticut Democrats Jammed Healthcare?

Does anyone in Connecticut who is currently upset with President Obama and Washington Democrats over their attempt to jam national healthcare down our throats realize Connecticut Democrats did the same thing last year?

SustiNet - Connecticut Democrat's version of misguided health care reform passed the legislature last year and was vetoed by the Governor. The Democrats came back in a special session to override the veto over my objections and all Republican legislators.

The Connecticut Democrats' plan will cost Connecticut taxpayers somewhere between $530 million and $1.7 billion per year beginning in 2012. Where is this money going to come from? Taxpayers. Perhaps $1,000 per year for each Connecticut family in new taxes.

Connecticut Democrats offered empty promises with this health care reform proposal and no money to pay for it. They did victory laps on passing the bill and again when they voted to override the Governor's veto.

Connecticut Democrats jammed "healthcare reform" down our throats last year - no different than the shenanigans of Washington Democrats.

Where is the taxpayer's outrage?

My objections to the Democrats' misguided reform on the floor of the Senate and my no vote means little to Connecticut Democrats. When will Connecticut's taxpayers hold the Democrats in Hartford accountable for their actions?