Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's Kicking the Can?

For months I've been talking about the Connecticut General Assembly "kicking the can down the road." During our August 31st budget debate I said we are "kicking the can down the road" because the Democrats' budget proposal had no substantive government reforms, was spending more money with dramatically reduced tax revenues and that we've squandered an opportunity to truly reinvent how state government operates.

President Obama gave his big health care speech to Congress tonight and said we shouldn't "kick the can further down the road." Amazing how he used the same metaphor to say we need the largest federal government expansion of our lifetime during the worst recession this country has experienced in a generation! Scary thought, Mr. President.

Health care in America needs fixing but not Obamacare, thank you. Not Connecticut Democrats' SustiNet plan, thank you.

When will the Democrats in Washington and Hartford stop slamming their brand of "health care reform" down our throats that is nothing more than expanding government? May I remind them government is broke(n)? May I remind them Americans are broke?