Thursday, April 2, 2009

Democrat’s Tax Torpedo Launched Today

Every day at the State Capitol is exciting but I never imagined the recklessness of the majority Democrats’ budget proposal released today. We have a budget crisis and their answer is primarily increasing taxes and borrowing money for operation expenses.

My family income dropped substantially when I won a seat in the State Senate. My neighbors and friends are feeling the pinch of layoffs, salary and overtime cutbacks. Connecticut residents’ spending has come to a grinding halt but state government appears to be out of touch and can’t see beyond the Capitol.

Two words for the Connecticut General Assembly – CUT SPENDING!

Sorry, three words – NOW!

As I sit in the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee meeting this afternoon I am wondering how smart people can realistically propose a smoke and mirrors budget. Although the Democrats’ proposal adopts some of Governor Rell’s responsible spending cuts they have totally lost touch with reality. Here’s their proposal to eliminate the tsunami deficit in state government:

“Revenue Increases” (tax increases) – 37%
“Federal Stimulus” (temporary Obamabucks) – 17%
“Rainy Day Fund” (the state savings account) – 19%
“Spending Reductions” (to be identified at a later date…) – 27%

That’s right – only 27% of the $8.7 billion budget deficit is addressed with spending cuts!

So what happens when the “Rainy Day Fund” runs out? What happens when the Obamabucks disappear? What happens is the Connecticut government budget falls off another cliff!

The Democrats’ budget proposal is not about responsibility – it is about passing the buck for another day. If state government does not immediately address a bloated budget that we can no longer afford then our state will take many more years to climb out of this recession.

Try explaining this budget proposal to a student in their first year of accounting. The student will say you’ve failed the audit test!

I am hopeful the rhetoric rolling through the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee this afternoon will subside and we legislators can get down to business and act responsibly. Connecticut residents expect us to make hard decisions about our budget just like they’re doing in their own homes.

Connecticut residents are not balancing their home budgets by sticking their heads in the sand – they’re living within their means in this tough economy. Connecticut state government must do the same.