Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CT Democrats Expanding Government!

Connecticut Democrats keep marching down the road to larger, more expensive government. Today, the State Senate debated a bill to create a new state insurance exchange. Many questions remain unanswered after nearly three hours of debate.

Senate Bill 921 creates a new “quasi-government” organization that is granted power to “charge assessments or user fees to health carriers to generate necessary funding to support ongoing operations.” The bill also allows the new organization to borrow money. The major problem with this plan is there are no clear boundaries for this new government agency’s spending and borrowing.

The new assessments or user fees proposed in this bill are paid by “health carriers” but that translates into Connecticut residents paying the cost of this new government agency. The Democrats at the State Capitol claim this proposal is required under ObamaCare. Unfortunately, the final rules from Washington are not in place and Connecticut Democrats are jumping forward to expand state government.

A lengthy debate in the Senate made it perfectly clear this plan is premature and is perhaps misguided. ObamaCare mandates states to spend millions of dollars on the expansion of new government bureaucracies – translation – more costs to state residents mandated by ObamaCare.

Can someone please tell Governor Malloy and the Democrats in the state legislature to stop spending money? PLEASE!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Connecticut Democrats Want Early Release for Violent Felons

Today in the Connecticut State Senate is painful to watch. The majority Democrats and Governor Malloy are approving a new program of early release for prisoners. The most alarming part about the program is the list of violent criminals that will qualify for this misguided idea.

Here are the crimes that qualify for the Democrats early release program:

Sexual assault
Promoting prostitution
Trafficking in persons
Employing a minor in an obscene performance
Promoting a minor in an obscene performance
Importing child pornography
Possessing child pornography
Criminal violation of a protective order
Criminal violation of a standing criminal protective order
Criminal violation of a restraining order
Act of terrorism
Contaminating a public water supply or food supply for terrorist purposes
Damage to public transportation property for terrorist purposes
Abuse in the first degree
Injury or risk of injury to, or impairing morals of, children. Sale of children.
Abandonment of child under the age of six years
Manufacture of bombs
Firearms trafficking

I am voting no and I urge you to call Governor Malloy at (860) 566-4840 and tell him to stop this bad idea with his veto of HB6650!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Legislature Resurrects Old Failed Ideas

Connecticut’s legislature has far too much time until Midnight on June 8th to continue killing jobs in our state. That is when the Connecticut General Assembly adjourns the session for 2011.

Now that the bogus budget was passed with no Republican votes and plenty of smoke and mirrors the Democratic majority legislative leadership has turned their sights on every idea that has failed in the last several years.

Let me share with you some of the legislative ideas burning the midnight oil at the State Capitol in Hartford:

Transgender Rights
Decriminalization of Marijuana
Mandate Employers Provide Paid Sick Leave – requested by the unions
Captive Audience Meetings – requested by the unions
Repeal of the Death Penalty
Provide In-State (discounted) Tuition for Illegal Aliens

Dozens of other pending bills will mandate businesses in Connecticut must spend more money to comply with new state laws. That translates into fewer new jobs created.

Dozens of pending bills mandate local government to provide new programs and services without providing state funding. That translates into higher local property taxes.

The faster the closing bell rings at the State Capitol the better. Somebody bolt the Capitol doors shut until next year so the Democratic majority leadership and the Governor can’t call the legislature into special session and create more wreckage for Connecticut.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Connecticut Democrats Ignore Reality

How ironic that today is Tax Freedom Day® in Connecticut. Tax Freedom Day measures how long Americans work to earn enough money to pay this year's tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels. Connecticut is the last state to reach Tax Freedom Day this year!

The real irony is the Connecticut State Senate is scheduled to vote today on the largest tax increase in state history. Tax Freedom Day for Connecticut residents next year will come even later in the calendar after this massive tax increase is considered.

Governor Malloy and the Democratic majority leadership in the Connecticut General Assembly are completely disconnected from the reality of our struggling residents and businesses. Everyone outside of government cut spending in their budgets to match their decreased earnings. Connecticut Democrats refuse to make the difficult decisions to reform our state government and cut spending.

Who would’ve guessed Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey would ever be more competitive than Connecticut? I hope Nutmeggers will wake up and demand change!